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We recently reported of Arun Vijay having signed ‘Magizh Thirumeni’s next film. The director is an ex-associate of Gautham Menon who debuted as director with the film ‘Mundhinam Paartheney’.

The new film requires Arun Vijay to tone his body further although he is known for his neat physique. Arun Vijay claims that he underwent five month training under the guidance of a trainer to tone his body including a six pack on his abdomen.

The signing of the film came to be known only recently after the actor took a break to tone his body for the film. His last film was ‘Maanja Velu’ which released months ago in 2010. Arun Vijay went on a high protein diet with 3 hours of rigorous training two times per day.

He is also going through various books of international body builders to keep the six pack abs intact which has a tendency to dissolve even on water intake. Arun Vijay used the time taken by the director’s team for shaping the script to shape his body.

Though it all seems a little overboard and the announcement of the movie just came about last week or so, maintaining six packs isn’t a cakewalk which will lead to health complications, if maintained over a period of time.

Suriya also requested youngsters not to rigorously follow the six pack craze since it is harmful. Even body builders who won Olympia, the highest honor in body building than even the Mr. Universe title, let themselves in bulk mass and tone muscles only during competition. Watch out Arun!