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Everyone has awaited responses from Vadivelu and Vijayakanth after the comedian threw a tantrum at the DMDK President and the Leader of Opposition. At last, the comedian has started ‘coming out’ to respond quite ‘positively’ towards the victory of the AIADMK alliance.

“It is all because of the ADMK that Vijayakanth has won these many seats,” said Vadivelu. “He (Vijayakanth) should also stop sending his party cadres in search of me,” added the comedian. He also went on to say that he respected people’s verdict and said that the people voted for the change they wanted.

He establishes that he has always spoken against Vijayakanth and never a word against AMMA. Meanwhile, Vijayakanth has also responded on Vadivelu’s verbal attacks against him. The leader of the opposition said it was because of his attacks that his party won the number of seats it has.

Vijayakanth also assures that his colleagues in the film industry will benefit from the current AIADMK government. Vadivelu’s U turn is not very surprising but he seems to have his due respects to AMMA!

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