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Kullanari Koottam is a slight misadventure starring Vishnu Vishal, the league of actors of Vennila Kabbadi Kuzhu fame and a cast of unsung actors. The movie is directed by Sri Balaji debuting after co-directing Suseendhiran. The director toes his mentor in inducing some athletic physical activity into the story like he did in VKK. The simple setup of a family, a house of 350 square feet and experimental actors who performed adequately made Kullanari Koottam happen.

Vishnu Vishal is an MBA Grad in Madurai who neither behaves like an MBA nor like the typical Madurai guy. We do not know if that is right, for we cannot tolerate even an “Indhaaru Kondaepuduvaen” from an actor like Dhanush. Vishnu’s accent (not slang) isn’t Madurai-like, which is a relief, although sometimes, we grope to know where the story happens. He has no money and his head master father can offer him only Rs. 10 per day.

With not even sufficient mobile phone balance, he sets out to recharge for his father which is mistakenly received by the female lead pair-to-be (Ramya Nambeesan). Things fall into place as love blossoms between Vishnu and Ramya following a twist in the tale on him required to be a policeman to succeed in love. This leads to further revelations on how police officials are selected. With logic at times and without it at other times, Vishnu succeeds in becoming a Policeman.

Then, there is the ultimate challenge and a plan to break the challenge with which the panacea of a climax arrives. When Vishnu and his supporting cast plan to become a Policeman, that is where it justifies the title Kullanari Koottam. If there could be a wholly visible problem in Kullanari Koottam, it is the slight amateurishness in the cast and the loosely written script. Vishnu’s father and the lead’s brother’s wife have managed with only a little dose of sobriety.

Interestingly, when Vishnu takes the running race, J Laxman’s camera has found itself in an awkward position. The tight close-up on Vishnu’s nape is senseless. At least, the contorted face could have shown the physical effort in running at a rapid pace. V Selvaganesh has composed average tunes worth humming.

Despite all the misadventures and amateur flaws, some scenes that engage have just kept the film’s head above water. Vishnu Vishal is going slightly effortless in acting well and is at ease most of the times. His presence, familiarity and professional performance save the film. The story and the making do not offend people’s tastes due to the presence of a good actor. Wonder if the actor would get a project that is worth his dormant abilities! Still, he may have to modulate his monotone due to his sounding similar to same in majority of scenes.


  • Vishnu Vishal
  • Story
  • Message
  • Humor


  • Loose Scripting
  • Cinematography
  • Music
  • Poor Direction


Kullanari Koottam isn’t exactly amateurish but is saved by some professional acting though not by cinematography. A few engaging moments, humor, blossoming of love and dissecting the modus operandi of selection processes break open the nitty-gritty of bureaucracy. That way, Kullanari Koottam’s earnestness comes out clean. Kullanari Koottam is one more of the warm up films for Vishnu to prepare him for a promising long run much like his waiting till the 2:30 minutes to run faster as in the film.

Rating: ★★½☆☆

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