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Mani Ratnam opts for Yuvan Shankar Raja this time. He had worked for ten films with Ilayaraja and now ‘Raavanan’ turns his tenth film with AR Rahman. For his next film which was supposed to be directed by Mani Ratnam himself will have music by Yuvan Shankar Raja.

This will be a Hindi film as well. The film is going to be produced by Madras Talkies and Mani Ratnam who had thought of directing this film turned it over to his Associate Director Shivakumar. This is now decided to be Mani Ratnam’s production venture for his associate.

The crew has frozen Vivek Oberoi for the lead role with a Bollywood actress playing the female lead. Mani Ratnam approached Sonam Kapoor but the actress declined the offer for it was not a Mani Ratnam direction venture.

Yuvan Shankar Raja, elated with the opportunity, confirmed the news, he says, “I have been roped in for a Hindi movie to be produced by Mani Ratnam and directed by Shivakumar. I am excited to be a part of the project. It is going to be a different attempt.”

Mani Ratnam highlights more of Southern talents to Bollywood. This time Mani Ratnam is all set to do that again with Yuvan Shankar Raja. Not all Madras Talkies production ventures had AR Rahman playing the music. AR Rahman did the Music Direction only for films directed by Mani Ratnman.

Earlier, Yuvan Shankar Raja’s brother Karthik Raja was the Music Director of the film ‘Dum Dum Dum’ which was produced by Mani Ratnam but was directed by Mani Ratnam’s Assistant Director ‘Azhagamperumal’

36 Responses to “Mani Ratnam opts for Yuvan Shankar Raja for his next film

  1. venkiee

    maniratnam`s existence in cine field either bollywood or in tamil film world because of yuvan`s father that is ilayaraaja the great the god of music have doubt go to google browse what others tell about ilayaraaja since you people will probably not be aware of the greatest that is why mani showing some faithfulness which tamilians have in the blood

  2. Karthick

    Superb Choice….! And Yuvan will give Hit songs….!
    Yuvan Rockzzzzzzzz………!!!

  3. Aravindh

    mani Ratnam sir good selected of yuvan shankar raja is the best music directer good comenation mani yuvan
    YUVAn will give hit songs……..!
    Raja is the Rock…………

  4. rs suman

    wonder job by dr raaja sir….wonder job by ar rahman sir and been also wonder job….by yuvan shankar sir….don’t ever compare them…everybody…dun their work…its all belong’s to ‘GOD’BLESS…..
    We as listeners…enjoy n…see wht the great compose dun by them….

    die fan of RAAJA SIR….

  5. Gunalan . Kizhukumaramangalam, Cudalore, Tamilanadu

    i expected this yuvan will call by maNI SIR. YUVAN MUST DO BEST FOR MANI SIR. FANS WIIL KNOW ABOUT YUVAN.

  6. suman

    yuvan is the best composer that i have ever listen. the films were big hit when the mani was with illayaraja(nayakudu,dalapati,gharshana,anjali,geetanjali…etc. b’coz illayaraja will give the heart effective tunes according to the situations& good back ground music. but rehman can not. no film of rehman got hit only with music).now mani joins with yuvan, here onwards all the films will be hit.

  7. sathish

    YUVAN is music star, yuvan is always rocks, i love YUVAN

  8. shiva

    yuvan the best music composer in india.

    all the best ………………….yuvaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  9. Bharathibabu

    Yuvan is beter for ever. He give most sucesful films.he done well for every director those who give chance to him. Yuvan rocks

  10. Vasanth

    Yuvan is the best music director in the world,
    Background music is no1 musican.
    The next oscar hero

  11. Vasanth

    Yuvan best for all:
    Rock songs, western songs, melodies, folk, nice&cute voice.
    NO1 theme musics, ex: manmathan, vallavan, billa, Mankatha, billa2, different background music, many more director partnership Vishnuvardhan, rajesh, venkat prabhu, bala, susintheeran, simbhu, selva ragavan etc… Next oscar hero for
    Yuvan rocks

  12. Madhanraj

    Mani sir and my yuvan. This combination are another Tamil legends going to give best for bollywood….

  13. Vishnu prakasan

    I wanna hear ur magical voice and bgm in mani sir next movie.
    U1 go man u r the next oscar winner.
    Go man go to make a new victory in tamil industry.

  14. DINESH.C

    yuvans my best music directors.next movie successful music,songs .

  15. madhanslim

    ivan epoluthum all over india best composer athu’tha enga all the best my yuvan

  16. gunasekaran

    yuvan is a best love songs composer so proudly for me .everytime your sing and sung the stage performance unbelibable .then u have future music composed for legend instead for sankar,maniratnam,bala,balu mahendra etc.

  17. Karthik

    Yuvan anna i’m waiting for you:-)..come quick with best rock music..mani sir don’t worry yuvan ll give very very best nd best music to you:-).

  18. kumar

    Yuvan alwasys your frnd all the best muzik for mani sir yuvan rocky bro.i love u1

  19. sarav

    the one & only musician with raaja’s grace, blessings, talents, thoughts & more over all youth satisfaction. you the one i.e., yuvan

  20. sarav

    mani sir must give chance to yuvan , so that the musical world should realise what’s music?
    everything from and apart from every musician’s heart …..

  21. saravana

    i like yuvan’s music & his instruments are most soundful delight , nobody can’t compare with it & not able to play the best …… only u1 can

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