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Shankar – Harris Jeyaraj combination is back after Anniyan. For the earlier film the tunes were of composite nature with the theme being innovative and varied situations. But for this remake of the Hindi 3 Idiots, the tunes are wholly made available for sheer fun, joy and entertainment. The songs are of mixed cocktail with each of them ringing in as tolling of the bells. The lyrics speak volumes of the effect of friendship more on the lines of youth attraction. Harris Jeyaraj has succeeded in infusing the elements of ease as his instrumentation is of rich attributes to the western. While it is expected that these six numbers are coming to promote the film’s release, only three of them could sustain being worth for this album. Here’s the review of the songs:

1) En Frienda Pola

Lyrics: Viveka
Playback: Suchith Suresan, Krish

This is a pure rendition of the current youth mind, reflecting the bosom nature of the friendship. The entire song is devoted as a question – answer rhythm and Harris is all along has made fine texture of instruments. Viveka’s youthful lyrics are meaningful and are complementary to those who admire friendship much. Krish is fluent as he renders the verses with much involvement and energy. Suchith‘s repository voice is more alluring and is of queer nature. The first few lines have the rhyme of Machan, Vachan, thachan, and vechan followed by madi, kodi, padi, petrom, sendrom, nindrom. Vivega’s rich imagination leads to the lines like Thozazhin Tholgalum Annnai Madi, Avan thoorathil poothitta Thoppulkodi are remarkable. A good tribute to loyal friendship.

2) Heartilay Battery

Lyrics: Na. Muthukumar
Playback: Hemachandran, Mukesh

This song is an inducing piece of rendition with a mixture of English and Tamil lyrics. If Mustafa is of top prime number from ARR of those days, this is almost the lullaby for the real friends. Na.Muthukumar’s lyrics are befitting to the tune as well as the situation. The contextual verses are the worthy hallmarks for this song. Harris has devised such a marvelous tune to take home the fact that the youth behave and move with these elements. The folk lore is more scattered all through the song but it is colloquial words that find more volume in the song. Lines like hey zoo ketta cook ah? Scene podathe, otha kaalu kokkah, nee marka kothi nogaadhe, nee load mela load yetha moola lorry ya, bathroom thaappazh illendral paatu paadenda, tightaga life aanalum nee loosaga maaru, are the instances of routine expressions. A good number for joyous moments for the youth and to make use for sharing in the facebook or mails or even SMS. If our memory is good, then this song could be the echo of Harris’ debutant score Oh Mama Mama from Minnale on the part of lyrics. Of course, it was Vaali then and this is Muthukumar, a difference of more than 11 years. There are shades of pallelakka of Mankatha!

3) Asku Laska

Lyrics: Madhan Karky
Playback: Vijay Prakash, Chinmayi, Suvi

If Harris experimented the Chinese version in 7am Arivu, this time the help comes from Madan Karky for exploring the expression of love in 16 different languages. We could recollect from Alaginna Alagi Askava from Enakku Irubathu Unakku Pathinettu. In English, there is a poetic form with 16 lines called a sonnet. It was employed to express love at its best. Here, Madan Karky is employing 16 different languages, choosing the particular word for these languages. However, he combined two languages for the same word for the pallavi, Asku Laska. The spell of the words are elevated by Vijay Prakash and Chinmayee. Yet, Karky has handled the words to suit the tune and with slight modifications. The credit is equally shared by the playback singers, especially Chinmayee. Suvi’s rendition also needs a pat for the exact presentation. Already the song promos have made a delving effect through this love lyric. Most of the verses are of fresh literary and Karky makes use of unique combinations for imagination. The lines like Pluto-vil unnai naan koodetruven, vinmeengal porukki soodetruven make a live wire rendition. The Pluto here refers to the planet. But in the next stanza, Karky brings in the next Plato, – the Greek poet as in the Plato –vin Magana un thegama…. Karky finishes the song by explaining the choice of words from the languages – Athanai mozhi-yilum, vaarthai ovvorndrum koidhen mothamaai korthuthaan, kaadhal chendondru seidhen. Perhaps a rare finding for the lovers to have a variety of addressing.

The song has the languages of Europe, Asia and Arabic ( in the order) –

Ask – Turkish, Laska- Slovak, Amour – French, Aai- Chinese, Astu – Icelandic, laibae – German, Cintha – Malay, Piyar – Hindi, Ishq – Arabic, Love – English, Kathal – tamil, Premam – Malayalam, Istham – Telugu, Meile – Lithuanian, Ahava – Hebrew, Bolinga – Lingala

4) Endhan Kann Munnae

Lyrics: Madhan Karky
Playback: Aalap Raju

This is a partial expression, rendered in few lines, as though a wave of fragrance remaining for a sustained moment. Karky again comes back with a lot of creative lyrics and this finely fits for the situation. Aalap’s voice is mellifluous and Harris has created this tune meticulously. Idhayam kizhiyum oli keeten, ithaya ithaya ethirparthen is quite rhyming from Karky. Mazhai Kaetkiren, ennai erikkirai and Oli kaetkiren vizhigalai parikkirai are the reminiscent of his father Vairamuthu’s early phase versification.

5) Irukaana Illaiyaana Idupaanaa

Lyrics: Pa. Vijay
Playback: Vijay Prakash, Javed Ali, Sunidhi Chauhan

This is an adoration to the Friends and the friendship and the song is a fast number. It seems this number makes an appeal to the tied- bond of friendship which faces the depart of one among them. Pa.Vijay has tried to infuse elements of the earthly affair among souls who are friends. One another seems to come forward to save one another are some of the lines that may sound great. Yet the song has no match for other numbers. Barring Vijay Prakash, other two voices need more refinement. Harris has just put in his efforts to fill this number for the situation.

6) Nalla Nanban

Lyrics: Na. Muthukumar
Playback: Ramakrishnan Murthy

This song has no fixed norms to reach the mass. But Harris has infused some element of passion for the song. Na.Muthukumar has penned some of the lines that long for more penchant of emotion. Ramakrishna Murthy’s voice rendition is different from the other voices in this album. What made to go in for such a modification needs the visuals of the movie.


Nanban is from the master of grandeur, Shankar and Harris with his delicacies of tunes has tried to imprint his efforts. To be frank and honest, the album is not that much penetrating as we have already experienced from Shankar or Harris. The numbers are quite timely deliveries for the sake of fun. Another disadvantage is that the storyline being familiar to the listeners, the suspense could not be kept for. So the lyrics and the tunes can easily be associated with the rendition. In fact, Harris can justify the work being a collective effort of Shankar, Vijay and himself.

Overall, this Nanban is your well-Known Friend :)

Rating: ★★★☆☆

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  1. prince kumar

    ella paattum sumaar thaan.vettai padathi compare pannum pothu intha paattu sumaar.

  2. karthik

    songs r very nice 100 times better then vettai and rajapattai and to a remake film dis album s more dan enough……..

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