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Arun Vijay’s market is not that huge but he wants a Bollywood heroine to star opposite him. It is like marrying a popular actress to become popular. Even then, Prachi Desai isn’t the most popular actress in Bollywood.

She has been more popular in the Television circuits than on movies. The producers wanted something to advertise to gain publicity and so had signed Prachi Desai paying lump sum advance. The entire crew was waiting for Prachi Desai to show up on the first day of the shoot.

The actress never came to the sets and she had flown back to Mumbai. Grapevine has it that it has to do with Arun Vijay’s status at the box office and the industry. The actress never picked up calls and had been in hiding since then. Producers are to blame for they always lookout for heroines from Bollywood and pay them a huge amount of money only to have them disrespect kollywood filmmakers and heroes.

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