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Rajinikanth family has not been mired into any controversy so far but this time the very foundation of the family has been shaken. Rajinikanth’s public ignominy came in the form of Soundarya Rajinikanth who had put the family in debt.

Although Aishwarya Dhanush had been gossiped about for a long time before her marriage for alleged involvement with Simbu, nothing had put the family into legal tussles. This time Soundharya Rajinikanth had to repay debts to the tune of several crores which she sought as finance for “Sultan the Warrior”.

This had put the father into trouble whose daughter was issued arrest warrants by the Saidapet court for non repayment of funds to a certain Samar Chand who had financed her project. Although Rajinikanth had cleared all debt related issues before Soundharya’s marriage which happened recently, this sore thumb had gone unnoticed.

Despite several notices via court, the petitioner alleges no response from Soundharya and Latha Rajinikanth and they did not turn up at the court. So, it was issued against both Soundharya Rajinikanth and Latha Rajinikanth. After issuing of the arrest warrant, Rajinikanth had to convince and assure Samar Chand of repayment following which he withdrew his petition.

Rajinikanth’s family blames it on Venkat Prabhu who had hoodwinked Soundharya into spending all the money she had taken for Sultan the Warrior on Goa. The budget shot up but the film bombed at the box office much to the dismay of Soundharya Rajinikanth.

This has put her in a financial soup, say sources. Now, the issue of arrest warrant and court petition has been withdrawn before all hell broke loose. Both Soundharya Rajinikanth and Latha Rajinikanth were saved from an untimely arrest which would have caused serious dent to the reputation of the family.

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