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Seedan could best be described as “Family Family Talk, Talk Talk Family” since that is the best activity that takes place on screen. If you think “Thiruda Thirudi” was the most idiotic film to be a hit, think again, here is “Seedan” for you. With a story that dates back to a millennium, when films were first introduced to the audience, Seedan makes you feel the pangs of the lack of a hero, so conspicuous by his absence. When the bubbly female lead talks to Lord Muruga, you very well get to know the tone of the film.

With a soap opera like approach, both the director and the camera need not show any technical finesse. The story is as old as the hills and it probably turned a hit in Malayalam (as Nandanam) by its ability to emote with a screenplay of fine points. However, in Seedan, all you have got to witness is a clichéd drama of deifying Dhanush who comes only before the interval. You search for Dhanush in every corner of the frame to relieve yourself from the clasp of idiotic characters who strangle you to death.

These cardboard cutouts put you through all sorts of soap opera effect. The story is set in Pazhani where lives Mahalakshmi (Ananya) whose only recurrent dream, held by the subconscious, is that of marriage to an unidentified man who looks smart. But then, her dream man arrives one night and things fall into place. He too falls in love with her at first sight. In comes his mother Suhasini Mani Ratnam, who bashed several films as a critic. She tries and contrives to essay her role to perfection but everything seems as contrived as it could get.

Does vivek make you laugh? When was it? Can someone please remind when was the last time he made us laugh? By the way, where is Dhanush? The absence of a proper hero is painful and Dhanush isn’t a hero which several disclaimers warned us before hitting the theaters. He is simply not there. The actor often has to reiterate that he is god, (agreed!!!!), and can prophesize the good fate Mahalakshmi will end up with. What more is left? When the story is about whether or not Ananya and her dream man will get married to each other, Dhanush breaks the suspense bang by verbally stating the climax.

Sit back, relax, go to sleep and text on mobile and the climax has just arrived. The dream guy’s mother and grandmother, for whom Mahalakshmi is a maidservant, will not be in a position to get both the guy and Mahalakshmi married. What can prevent them from performing this easy act? Bring in some more egoistic characters who can thwart their plans of marriage. The dream guy is also a momma’s boy and he will not marry Mahalakshmi unless and until his mother and grandmother give the nod.

With no little suspense of whether or not their marriage will take place, the director can’t conceive sequences on how things will turn for the good or he can’t put his characters through obstacles before achieving what they want to. You couldn’t care less for the characters nor the film since it doesn’t engage you at any moment. And at least, Dhanush does not offer any solace in a characterization that he could best repent for or simply shrug off.


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Seedan – Wastefully Done!

Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆

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