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The ongoing STR starrer Osthi has some news to share from Shriya Saran. Some reports of the section revealed that STR approached Shriya for a special number in Osthi. For this she refuted the news claiming that such reports are baseless and no truth in that.

She said she knew about such information from the reports made through media and she has no space for such claims. This is the second such claim for the movie that in the earlier occasion it was Nayanthara who was pulled into news. She had to dismiss the claim and put an end to the matter.

Meanwhile, Shriya is hopeful of securing good report for her part in the ensuing Rowthiram with Jeeva. The story revolves around the legal sector where she is a law student while Jeeva is an advocate. She praised the involvement executed by the director Gokul and Jeeva in this film. She is confident that Rowthiram will make people speak about her action.

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