Top 10: Tamil Actress Salary

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Topples give way for toppers!

The cine field is always biased and discriminating with regard to the remuneration paid for the heroines. This happens for more decades and this is not a new practice for the producers to do so. Yet, there is always a tough competition among the heroines to force their might to reap the top most salary. Film industry cites the reason for this as the early exit of the heroines as new ones arrive at intermittent frequency. More so ever, the heroines are at the disposal of the hero as they only finalize the hero, irrespective of the script and the director’s insistence. While the heroes receive whooping salary for their projects, there is an interesting account of the toppers among the inferior sex artists. The salary is fixed by the director and the producer on the basis of the craze among the audience, the freewill of the heroines to be most flexible for the entire period of the shooting. Here’s a list of top ten actresses made on the salary they receive for their presence in the movies.

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