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Nanban’s first schedule shooting took place in Ooty which also took place in its neighboring city Coimbatore. Without lead star Vijay, the shooting took place with the other two lead stars Jiiva and Srikanth.

The scene shot in Coimbatore is the wedding scene of Ileana in which both Jiiva and Srikanth will kidnap her to take her to the Rancho character which was played by Aamir Khan and which will be played by Vijay.

With tough security screening, everyone was allowed inside after frisking since the unit did not want any leakage of scenes on the internet since last time it could be remembered that Kilmanjaro song was the first to be leaked on the internet during the shoot of Endhiran.

Vijay will take part in the shoot on February 27, 2011 after which the shooting of Nanban will take place in full swing. Nanban will be a quickie unlike other Shankar films and he might want to move on to his next project after this one is completed.

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