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Simbu is one of the actors who does little change in appearance to star in a film. Most of the times, he could be seen with plenty of dense hair except for one or two roles like that of Manmadhan. The actor is powerful that sometimes the director has to listen to him.

Simbu’s latest assignment is the remake of Dabangg which starred Salman Khan in the original. Can Simbu be expected to tone his body to match the appearance of Salman Khan? At least, will Simbu cut his hair to look like a Policeman, if not Salman Khan?

It seems that Director Dharani who is known for perfection in whatever he does will make Simbu oblige to shape him up, tone his body and also to have his dense hair cut enough for him to look like a Policeman.

The audience still can’t imagine Simbu as a Policeman since he hasn’t gotten the looks of a Policeman. Simbu looks too young to be a Policeman but it is hoped that he will change his appearance for the better.

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